When you partner with an eaHELP virtual assistant (VA), you’re going to get things done. You’re going to see your business move
forward faster than you ever thought possible. You’ll get access to productivity resources created just for you,
and you’ll have an entire team of professionals dedicated to your success.

No cookie cutters need apply.

Your eaHELP virtual assistant relationship will be as unique as your business. We’ll work with you to find the right balance of hours, tasks and responsibilities for you to share with your VA.

McDonald’s® isn’t the only one with “secret sauce.”

We don’t just assign you to the next VA on our list – we find the right VA who has the right mix of skills and experiences for your needs. We call our matching process the “secret sauce” of eaHELP, and we involve our whole team to find you an outstanding VA who will fit your needs and work style.

Your eaHELP relationship manager

has one goal – to walk alongside you during your entire relationship with eaHELP to make sure you’re seeing the results we’ve promised you. Your relationship manager is your “go to” source for everything related to your eaHELP VA.

If you’ve got a problem -

yo, we’ll solve it. (Oh, the lyric genius of Vanilla Ice…) But really, anytime you’re up against a tough spot in your business or your VA relationship, we’re here to find a solution that works for you and your goals.

We make sure our VAs are truly outstanding -

not only in their skills and experiences, but in their attitudes and approach to serving you. Education and experience are the table stakes to get into the eaHELP game; a commitment to outstanding service and support are what takes our VAs to the next level.

The entire eaHELP team -

from our CEO to your individual VA – is committed to your success, and is always available to share with you everything we’ve learned about productivity in our work with hundreds of clients.

We’re going to find an answer -

no matter what your problem or challenge might be. Our VA army stays connected to each other, and is a phenomenal resource to help you find solutions that have worked for other clients. You’re getting the experience of hundreds of VAs for the price of one.

Service is in our DNA.

We know we’re serving something much bigger than ourselves, and it shows in our corporate values.

You’ll never wonder

if you’re getting the value out of your VA investment. Your VA will be reporting to you each and every week about the results your VA has gotten for you.

We’re always creating custom resources

around productivity, delegation, marketing, entrepreneurship and other topics you want to know about – and those resources are available exclusively to eaHELP clients.

Client-only events

and webinars are designed to share what the whole eaHELP team and other clients are doing to make the most of their VA relationships.

Connections are the currency of the virtual world

and you’ll have the chance to connect with other eaHELP clients who’ll share their knowledge and experience to help you take your business forward.


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