A Client’s Testimony

Recently one of our happy clients, Danny Rohrdanz Founder & CEO of Yellow Leaf Marketing, wrote a wonderful blog touting eaHELP’s services and gave a behind the scene look at why he loves being our client.  I think his story speaks volumes to the passion eaHELP has for serving our clients and serving them well.

Below is a snippet of his post:

Why I love being an eaHELP Client. 

 1.  eaHELP operates with the leader’s success in mind

I went through an in-­depth matching process to in order to be placed with just the right executive assistant. They didn’t just pull from the next available person.  It’s refreshing to work with a “smart” company -­ not just a company who tries to get things done quickly, but one that takes time and puts a plan in place that will wow their clients.

2. eaHELP hires very well

Bryan and Shannon at eaHELP take their hiring process very seriously and make sure that they are hiring competent, quick-­learning, others-­centered, hard-­working folks who love details and thrive on getting the job done the right way. 

3. eaHELP gets it…period

Bryan Miles, eaHELP’s CEO and Co-­Founder, understands that in order to grow, you must serve. In order to succeed, you must submit. In order to lead, you must follow. All of these traits are reflected in every person from eaHELP. eaHELP is the type of like-­minded company that I am proud to hitch my Yellow Leaf Marketing wagon to.  

If you are on the fence about a decision like this, I’m here to tell you, look no further than eaHELP.

Thanks Danny for your words of praise!

Knowing that we are truly helping to make our clients’ lives and business better is what drives us.  A client’s testimony like this is the WHY behind what we do.

To read Danny’s full testimony please click here.

Christy Mettler, Marketing Manager of eaHELP

About Bryan Miles

Bryan is the CEO & Co-founder of eaHELP. Prior to starting eaHELP, he worked for companies in the tech and construction industries including Cogun, a national church construction company as the VP of Consulting. Bryan obtained his B.A. in Business from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Bryan, Shannon and their daughter Rainey and son Harper attend church at the Browns Bridge campus of North Point Community Church. To learn more about Bryan, visit his blog at bryanmiles.me.