Do You Care About Results?

Do you care about results? Or are you just focusing on the hours logged by you and your team?

What’s the end game of your work? What do you strive for? Are you striving for a paycheck? Logging hours to pay the bills? Or are you working for RESULTS?

Yes, we all need to pay the bills and buy things. But is that really your motivation for working at your company? Not sure what your results should be as a member of your team? Then seek out your manager or leader to find out what results you should be working towards in your role.

For leaders and managers – are you burying your staff under forms that demonstrate (to the “nth” degree) the hours they log for your company? Are you still thinking that hours logged is better than results? How are you leading your teams to focus on and strive for results? Are you teaching your staff to begin with the end in mind? Do they have a clearly-defined “win” in their work? How do you celebrate results in your company and with your team? Do you think your organization’s efficiency can increase if your team knows what is expected of them tied to RESULTS?

Leaders, please don’t miss this – your front-line staff members usually don’t see the results because they are too busy doing the things they have to do to achieve them. As a leader, it’s your job to help them see that their work is tied to a result – and make sure you celebrate those results with them.

You’re only a leader for the briefest of moments. How you work – and to what end – really matters.

I’d love to hear your answers to these questions – connect with me over on Twitter to discuss!


About Bryan Miles

Bryan is the CEO & Co-founder of eaHELP. Prior to starting eaHELP, he worked for companies in the tech and construction industries including Cogun, a national church construction company as the VP of Consulting. Bryan obtained his B.A. in Business from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Bryan, Shannon and their daughter Rainey and son Harper attend church at the Browns Bridge campus of North Point Community Church. To learn more about Bryan, visit his blog at